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Adventure Lanka

It was October 2001, when two brothers started a conversation about a holiday company in Sri Lanka. For the younger brother Rajiv all he wanted to do was buy a Van and tour the country with clients showing them the real Sri Lanka. His elder brother Ruban however was skeptical but nevertheless decided to support his little brother with his venture and so was born Adventure Lanka Tours.

Ruban then set up their first website and handled all of the marketing and sales for Adventure Lanka Tours. Rajiv on the other hand made sure that the clients who traveled with us had a great time and are well looked after.

16 years on the company has weathered a Tsunami, the recession and an ugly civil war. However all of this now the past and we are ready to welcome you back and show you the magic of Sri Lanka.

Here are a few reasons we think we are different

We are local

Adventure Lanka Tours is 100% owned by Sri Lankans. This means all your money stays in Sri Lanka and benefits the local economy. We are also committed to poverty alleviation and working with smaller businesses. Wherever possible we use local eateries and smaller hotels to stay.

We are responsible

We take pride in minimizing the impact on the environment our tours have. We have options to provide your itineraries in soft copy and only print when absolutely necessary. We also boycott events and places which treat animals poorly.

We aim to please

Our goal is to make our customers happy, because when you are happy we are happy. We also know that you will recommend us to others. So we go to some extraordinary lengths to make our customers happy.

“We believe that we are in the business of “selling dreams” and we will ensure that your holiday in Sri Lanka is memorable.”

Captured moments with our clients

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