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We are able to provide you with a 4G data dongle which can offer download speeds of up to 21 Mbps per second when connected in 4G. Please note however that 4G is not yet available island wide and connection speeds may vary from region to region. In addition most hotels we work with do provide in room WiFi either as a free service or for a nominal fee.

If you require a data dongle please inform your travel consultant at least 7 days ahead of your arrival so one can be reserved for you. Your travel consultant will advise you of the additional costs at this moment.

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Sri Lanka is receives rain from 2 monsoons. The South West monsoon is active over the island between the Months of May – September while the North East Monsoon is active between the months of November – March. Both these monsoons affect different parts of the island.

Therefore in order to ensure the best possible experience for our customers, the summer and winter versions of the holidays take different routes through the country giving you opportunity to experience Sri Lanka in its splendour all year long.

Currently we are unable to provide you with baby car seats. You are welcome to bring your own. Please remember to inform your travel consultant during the booking process if you intend to bring your baby car seat as we would then allocate a vehicle for you with 3 point seat belts.

Yes you can. All our tours offer 4 star rooms whenever possible. However you may choose to upgrade to boutique hotels and villas wherever the possibility exists. Your travel consultant can advise you of your options.

Hard means you need to be in very good physical condition to take part in this holiday. There might be extended periods of trekking up inclines and other physically demanding activities. These types of tours are only recommended for those with very high fitness levels.

Tours with moderate activity require you to be in good health. There may be some climbing involved to visit some of the activities or there might be other activities like biking in the itinerary. If you are unsure if the tour would be right for you please speak to our consultants who will be happy to advise you.

Easy means that there will be no activities that require any sort of exertion. These types of itineraries are ideally recommended for those who do not wish to exert themselves.

Absolutely! We are all about creating bespoke Sri Lanka Holidays and all our holidays are entirely customisable. You can pick a tour and customize it or send us a list of places you would like to visit and we will plan the itinerary for you. It is that simple.