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We believe that our team of chauffeurs are among the finest in the country – possessing a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. To help uphold those standards, all chauffeurs undertaking Adventure Lanka Tours transfers (except in emergency) will have a copy of the Adventure Lanka Tours chauffeurs’ code.

Passenger safety

Passenger safety is our number priority. This means:

  • Drive responsibly at all times and obey the Highway Code.
  • Ensure vehicle is regularly serviced and maintained in top working condition.
  • Check vehicle daily and keep the vehicle clean at all times.
  • Wear seat belts when driving and mandatory seatbelts at all times.
  • Avoid itineraries with excessive driving hours.
  • Avoid alcohol during working hours.
  • Appropriate rest stops to enable guests to stretch legs and use the washrooms.

Relationship with guests

Chauffeurs and passengers should seek to develop a relationship appropriate to each individual. This means:

  • Act as a tour guide – only when required
  • Offer general advice – only when required.
  • Respect passengers’ wish for quiet times.
  • The right to mutual politeness and respect.

Itineraries and flexibility

Adventure Lanka Tours chauffeurs should:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure time except in the case of a road accident or vehicle breakdown.
  • Provide a mobile phone number, where possible.
  • Discuss suitable starting times with passengers for each day’s itinerary and be responsive to the occasional need for last-minute changes.
  • Respond flexibly to occasional requests for route changes or additional excursions, if these do not compromise safety and acceptable arrival times. (Note: These may incur an extra cost).
  • Feel free to offer interesting excursions, but always immediately respect the fact that “no’’ means precisely that.

Purchases and commission

Adventure Lanka Tours recognizes that its chauffeurs may earn commission from some purchases by holidaymakers and accepts this is common practice. However, all should understand this arrangement, when it exists. Chauffeurs should:

  • Only recommend places that they truly believe are of good standard.
  • Respond briefly and honestly if asked if they are receiving commission or if the outlet is owned by a relative or friend.
  • Never suggest, under any circumstances, that Adventure Lanka Tours recommends any shop, factory or product. Adventure Lanka Tours gives no guarantees.
  • Always advise travellers that they are shopping at their own risk.
  • Ensure, where possible, that travellers have necessary receipts and contact numbers in case of problems

Additional support

Adventure Lanka Tours chauffeurs can assist further by

  • Acting as an intermediary between clients and Adventure Lanka Tours in the event of problems or complaints.
  • Assist with hotel check-in and checkouts.
  • Advise on minor problems.
  • Advise Adventure Lanka Tours on newly discovered hotels or changes to known hotels.

Tips and gifts

Adventure Lanka Tours encourages its customers, whenever they wish, to offer chauffeurs tips or gifts for satisfactory services. This is common practice. However, chauffeurs must under no circumstances request a tip or gift for work undertaken on an Adventure Lanka Tours itinerary.


Guests are kindly requested to inform Adventure Lanka Tours in the unlikely event that these guidelines are not adhered to.