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We truly appreciate the value of our chauffeurs and always look after them above and beyond industry norms. They are empowered to take decisions on their own while on tour and we give them the freedom they want.

The results are an incredible experience for our guests and allows the chauffeurs to provide the best possible service.

Adventure Lanka Tours is a 100% locally owned concern. 95% of the money paid to us stays in Sri Lanka.

Experience is something we are not short of at Adventure Lanka Tours. Some of our guides count 30 years experience in the field and provide you with information only they know. This provides an unparalleled experience to our guests.

All our itineraries are entirely customizable to suit your tastes and style.

We also consider individual booking is considered separate. This means that you are assigned your own vehicle, chauffeur and guides. The itinerary is structured as per your requirements . The only thing you need to do is sit back, relax and have a great time.

We also take great care when selecting hotels. We usually avoid the hotels that cater to large groups and instead go for the cozier homely ones. We also take into account each type of group and the hotels chosen sometimes vary from Family’s to couples to honeymooners.

We strongly believe that our guests should see Sri Lanka in its authentic state. This means that we sometimes take detours on our tours (with client approval) to see and experience sights and sounds not included in the itinerary. This provides our guests with a pleasant surprise and is well appreciated.

We also like to teach our guests a few phrases in Sinhala which goes a long way when interacting with locals in the areas we visit.

We strongly believe in responsible and sustainable tourism and we have several social and environmental guidelines we adhere to. Some of the most important our the fact that we source all our guides from the towns we visit. This provides the guides with income and provides our guests with an authentic experience in those towns.

Finally we are willing to got that extra mile for you and make sure that your holiday in Sri Lanka will be one of your most memorable experience.

We strive to achieve perfection in our tours 100% of the time and believe that you our guests should leave our shores as our friends and not as our clients. In fact a good percentage of our bookings are as a direct result of former clients recommending us.

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