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Mirissa the Beach Paradise 

Imagine slipping into a hammock, sipping a king coconut and rocking yourself gently with the sea breeze touching your face, close your eyes and let the days go by serenely – That’s the Mirissa beach experience in a nutshell!  

Mirissa is one of the best experiences for a Sri Lanka beach holiday. Located in the Matara district on the southern coast of the country, Mirissa is a crescent-shaped fishing village. Over the years Mirissa has become one of the most sought after beach destinations however it remains clean, unpolluted, and less crowded.  

Getting around Mirissa

Mirissa is a small village so you can get around on foot. If you find accommodation a bit further then you can hop on a tuk-tuk or a bus. To explore the area or to go beach hopping you can hire a scooter.


Accommodation in Mirissa 

Randiya Sea View Hotel 

If you are looking for luxury accommodation in Mirissa, try the Randiya Sea View Hotel. It’s a 5-star hotel featuring a swimming pool, spa and massage centre, restaurant, and plenty of other facilities. 

Palm Villa Mirissa 

For those who are looking for a mid-range hotel, the Palm Villa Mirissa will work well. Located overlooking the beach, the hotel offers good food and the necessary facilities. 

Liyanage Resort 

For a budget-friendly accommodation try the Liyanage Resort. This is a small hotel that has a lovely swimming pool, spa and wellness centre. It’s one of the best value for money accommodations in Mirissa. The rooms are clean, spacious, and well maintained. 


Where to dine in Mirissa 


Zephyr is a famous beach hangout in Mirissa. A modern bar with live music and a party vibe, it’s usually packed during the season. The food is good even though the portions are small and you need to wait a while due to the crowds.  

Shady Lane 

For one of the best places for a yummy breakfast or lunch in Mirissa, try the Shady Lane. The food and drinks available are delicious. You get healthy options such as avocado toast, smoothie bowls, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  


To enjoy freshly prepared seafood head over to the Wadiya restaurant. The beachfront restaurant serves incredible seafood dishes at a reasonable price. Since the food is freshly cooked it takes a bit of time to serve but it’s worth a wait.  

 Dewmini Roti Shop 

For budget-friendly, yummy local food, try the Dewmini Roti Shop. They serve the best rottiskottu, curries, and other local street food.  


Things to do in Mirissa 

Head to the beach 

The aquamarine waters and palm-fringed beach of Mirissa is the epitome of relaxation. This is the place to inhale fresh air and relax while sipping the lip-smacking cocktails served at the beachside bars. You can relax for hours and hours without being disturbed by hawkers or anyone else. 

Hop over to Parrot Rock 

The Parrot Rock is a tiny island along the Mirissa beach. It’s easily accessible by walking through the water. When the tide is high, the water rises to your waist but it’s still possible to get through. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sunsets and sunrise or enjoy the view atop the cliff. It’s a romantic spot to spend hand in hand with your better half.   

Whale and dolphin watching 

Whale watching is one of the most exciting things to do on the south coast. December to March marks the peak season in Mirissa, where you have a 99 percent chance of spotting whales. You not only get to see the magnificent whales and pods of playful dolphins but also sea turtles and shoals of fish.  


Surfing is an unmissable part of your holiday in Mirissa. You can ride the blissful waves of Mirissa beach or head over to Weligama for stronger tides. Kayaking is also popular in Mirisssa where the waves are ideal for the sport. You can even hop on a fishing boat and enjoy some deep-sea fishing while you are there. These are generally four-hour trips, 8 miles off the coast of Mirissa. Plenty of tuna, sailfish, and other large game fish can be found here. There are fishing boats for hire with or without assistance.