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The effortless beauty! 

Located in the North West province of Puttlam in Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is a village consisting of fourteen islands. This beachside hamlet is blessed with stunning natural beauty and is growing steadily as a tourist attraction. Kalpitiya has a rich history that dates back to many centuries.  

The sweeping sandy beaches of Kalpitiya stretch beyond where the eyes can see. Popular for its oceanic beauty the majority of locals living here make a living through fishing. It’s the day-to-day humdrum of Kalpitiya that makes the village more beautiful. Fishermen lining the beaches for the daily catch, the villagers running their errands, and the carefree kids running barefoot in their white uniforms are the simple pleasures of Kalpitiya 

The majority of visitors to Sri Lanka select more popular tourist destinations such as UnawatunaHikkaduwa, Ella, and Kandy for their travels. But for those seeking lesser-known spots must try Sri Lanka private tours to off the beaten track destinations such as Kalpitiya. If crowded beaches and tourist attractions are not your things, then there’s no better place to enjoy a beach holiday in Sri Lanka than Kalpitiya 


Is it worth visiting Kalpitiya? 

Kalpitiya is located bordering the Puttlam lagoon and the Dutch Bay, which makes the village ideal for those seeking a beach holiday with watersports. Kite surfing is very popular and windsurfing, jet skiing, and kayaking follow.  

Kalpitiya is a destination you should travel to if you are in Sri Lanka for a long stay or if you are particularly interested in watersports. Those who are on a tight schedule should keep it for your next trip. However, it all depends on what you are looking for during your holiday. If you are seeking a hub of activity, happening nightlife, active markets then Kalpitiya may not be for you. If breathtaking isolated beaches away from tourist hubs and connecting with locals are things that appeal to you then – Kalipitiya is your baby! 


When to visit Kalpitiya 

The top season to visit Kalpitiya is from May to September, which is the kite surfing season. November to February runs the dolphin watching and winter kitesurfing season. During the off-peak, Kalpitiya is incredibly quiet and accommodation is dirt-cheap. The weather remains humid during most months.  


Where to stay in Kalpitiya 

If you are visiting Kalpitiya to learn kite surfing, we recommend at least one week’s stay. If you were simply visiting for the excursions then 3-4 days or for short stays even a day tour would be sufficient.  

Blue Whale Resort 

The Blue Whale Resort is an undisturbed hotel with an on-site kite surfing school. You can enjoy the outdoor pool, bar, restaurant, and air-conditioned rooms. The facilities are basic but the rooms spacious and very clean. You can enjoy hot water and steady Wi-Fi. The staff is accommodative and friendly.  

Ruuk Village 

Ruuk Village is a well-maintained guesthouse in Kalpitiya. A private beach, complimentary Wi-Fi and 24-hour service facilities are all you can expect here. Babysitting services, currency exchange, and bike rentals are additional services you can expect here. The rooms are spacious and well maintained. The on-site restaurant serves some great seafood dishes. 

Melheim Beach  

Melheim Beach Kalpitiya is a lovely hotel with an outdoor pool and bar. A private beach area along with watersport facilities and free bikes are what you can expect here. 24 hour front desk service and currency exchange are available too. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with TV and cable channels. If you are travelling with children, enjoy the playground and you can access plenty of watersports from here.  


Dining in Kalpitiya 

Kalpitiya town is rather small so there’s not much variety for dining. You can enjoy fresh seafood but there’s not much variety unless you are looking for typical Lankan dishes (which we highly recommend). Many visitors use the on-site restaurants of their accommodation or the cafes attached to kite surfing schools.  


Getting around Kalpitiya 

Kalpitiya is a small village so the most common way of getting around is on tuk-tuk or bicycle. If you can afford to hire a private car for your trip then go for it. 


Best things to do in Kalpitiya 


Kalpitiya has been on the top of the list in Asia’s best kitesurfing destinations. The consistently strong wind and the calm lagoon water are what make Kalpitiya stands out. There are major international kitesurfing competitions held here as well. The best news is that you don’t need to be a seasoned kitesurfer to enjoy Kalpitiya beach. If you are a complete beginner, simply head to the local kitesurfing schools and enroll for a beginner’s course. You will be riding the waves in no time.  

Diving in Sri Lanka’s biggest largest reef – Bar Reef! 

The Bar Reef is located 2km from the coast of Kalpitiya. It is the biggest as well as the best-preserved coral and marine area of the country. It was declared a marine sanctuary in the early ’90s but with the civil war, it remained unexplored or unaffected by human activity. After the end of the war in 2010, it has been open to the public and is quite a mesmerizing sight! The reef displays some of the greatest biodiversity in the Indian Ocean. Blessed with colourful coral reef, vibrant tropical fish, sea turtles, and much more – it’s one of the greatest underwater discoveries.  

Whale and dolphin watching 

Whale and dolphin watching is one of the epic things to do in the beautiful hamlet of Kalpitiya. After a short ride, you can expect to see pods of playful spinner dolphins and humpback whales and minke whales are a common sight too. If you are lucky then you can spot the magnificent blue whale or sperm whales here as well. Keep your fingers crossed since you can’t rule out anything in these beautiful shores.  

SUP through the mangroves 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is another awesome watersport to enjoy here. The mangrove plantation, sea estuaries, and the calm water lagoons make it the perfect spot for nature lovers to explore on board. Wildlife junkies are going to just fall in love with Kalpitiya’s unique mangroves and biota.