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Sunny beaches of the island haven 

Are you looking for the best beaches in Sri Lanka? Well, we’ve got you covered. It’s not wrong to say that the south coast beaches are the most popular on the island, with a vibrant blend of modern and traditional influences. Here we talk about the top beaches on the Southern Coast of the country. We also cover the West Coast beaches on a separate blog. Whether you are travelling on a Sri Lanka honeymoon, family holiday, or a quick getaway – visiting the beach must be in your itinerary! 

One of the best things about Sri Lanka is the sparkling blue ocean that surrounds the island. Many tourists come to Sri Lanka dreaming of pristine water, golden sand, swaying palm trees, gorgeous sunsets and super surfs – that’s exactly what you are going to get and more!  

Hikkaduwa Beach  

Party vibe! 

Located within a two-hour drive from Colombo, Hikkaduwa is one of the most ‘happening’ beaches in the country. Referred locally as ‘Hikka Beach’ it’s the ultimate party paradise on the southern coast. Set amidst the stretch of beach resorts, guesthouses, restaurants, and bars, Hikka beach offers plenty of entertainment and nightlife. Beach festivals, overnight parties, bar- hopping are everything you can expect in Hikkaduwa. All the entertainment starts after sundown so you can have a nice quiet time on the beach during the daytime even if you are travelling with children.  


Surfing and snorkeling are also part of the package in Hikkaduwa beach. You get pro surfers travelling from around the world during the surf season from November to March. Since surfing is super popular you can rent surfing gear and outfits.  

Underwater world 

Hikkaduwa beach is blessed with vibrant coral reefs and shoals of fish that are best explored by snorkeling or taking a ride on a glass-bottom boat. 

Mirissa Beach 

Mirissa beach is one of the most amazing beaches in Sri Lanka. At sunrise, its vibrant colour palette welcomes you while at sunset it will soothe you with a memorable picture. Located 4km southeast of the town of Weligama you find Mirissa, a steady developing crescent of beach. Throughout the years Mirissa beach experienced immense growth in tourism, however, it remains very much unspoiled and far less crowded than Hikkaduwa or Unawatuna. Mirissa beach is ideal for swimming since the waves are milder in this area. Some days the water is completely flat and resembles a swimming pool, which is the best time for a plunge.  

Whale and Dolphin watching  

One of the most famous activities on Mirissa beach is dolphin and whale watching. The whale-watching season runs from November to April. The excursion takes up to 4 hours.   

Koggala Beach  

Koggala has the longest coastline in Sri Lanka. It’s not as popular as Hikkaduwa or Unawatuna beaches but it’s as gorgeous! Koggala beach is renowned for two things – snorkeling and turtle watching. To see what lies beneath the glistening blue waters of the Indian Ocean you do not need to be a snorkeling expert. Koggala beach is a great place to learn snorkelling therefore you need not be a professional to explore the shallow reef and the abundant coral gardens. There are more than 70 different species of coral reefs and flora as well as 700 species of fauna seen in the ocean area surrounding the country.  


The Koggala turtle hatchery is minutes from the beach. The Koggala beach serves as a breeding spot for endangered turtles. The turtle hatchery was set up as a conservation project to protect the turtle eggs that are laid on the Koggala beach.  

Unawatuna Beach 

The sun-kissed beach of Unawatuna is the most popular on the southern coast. Turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, golden sand, and the laid back vibe of Unawatuna beach is what attracts people. Lined with beach bars and restaurants, it’s great for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkelling. During the peak season, the beach is vibrant and the nightclubs and bars are active to the wee hours of the morning. 


To the west end of the beach, you find the Japanese Peace Pagoda with a Big Buddha statue on a hill. When you reach the top you get scenic views of the Bay and surrounding the area. 


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